Twin State Martial Arts Association

The Backbone of Twin State Martial Art Competition since 2010


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Any Competitor changing rank or age of a TSMAA division on or before July 1 will have their accumulated points move with them into new division. Any Competitor changing rank or age of a TSMAA division will continue to accumulate points at competitions but those points will stay in the TSMAA division they were in before the cutoff date of July 1.


 Those competitors ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their division will receive a award at our awards banquet



October 2, 2021

Registration closes September 24, 2021

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Twin State Championships

October 23, 2021


Videos DUE BY OCTOBER 15th

Registration Cost:

1st Division $35

+$5 for each additional division

(i.e. weapons, forms & breaking = $45)

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* IMPORTANT * ALL videos need to be recorded through YouTube and have competitors name and date presented at beginning of each division video.

When publishing you "UNLISTED" video be sure to:

1- Audience = "Not for Kids"

2- Age Restriction = "No, don't restrict my video to viewers over 18 only"

Past Year Standings

Tournament Point System

1st- 50 points

2nd- 40 points

3rd- 30 points

4th- 20 points

Participation- 5 points

(must be claimed at TSMAA table before next tournament)